Tips to Upgrade Your Narrative Essay

Tips to Upgrade Your Narrative Essay

The tone of this essay must be very personal and the key purpose of this type of essay writing

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Tips to Upgrade Your Narrative Essay
In a narrative essay, you need to share your life experiences with your reader. The tone of this essay must be very personal and the key purpose of this type of essay writing is to give a moral lesson to your audience or to present a different view of life. If you are a student and your instructor gives you the assignment about a narrative essay, here are some tips for you that can really help you to improve the effectiveness of your narrative essay. You can increase the communication power of your narrative essay a lot by properly using these tips into your essay.


Pre-Writing Tips:

An essay writer is not about sitting down and writing randomly on a given topic. You are required to do a lot of things even before you start writing a narrative essay. Your first pre-writing task is selecting a topic, in case your instructor does not provide you with a specific topic. The next task is to do research on the topic. If you are narrating an event of your life, try to recall it in detail. Arrange the details of the event in your mind according to their importance and their relevance to your topic. Avoid unnecessary details and try to focus on your topic. Generally, a narrative essay does not require any specific research on the topic. But you get different ideas about the presentation of your experiences. Your narrative essay must be interesting for your audience. You need to present your ideas and experiences in a really good way to make it more effective.




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Essay Writing Process:

Once you have completed the prewriting stage, the next task for you is to write down your thoughts and experiences. You should abide by the following instructions during the narrative essay writing process:

Never forget to develop an outline for your narrative essay. It will help you to organize different thoughts and experiences. You can arrange different events in an organized manner. Outlining your thoughts will also improve the overall presentation of your essay. Try to make a catchy title for your story. The title must be relevant to the main idea of your essay. You should start your story in the introduction of the essay. Try to present your thesis statement or key idea and the objective of your essay in the outline.
Narrate your story in the main body of the essay. Try to add some spice into your story. Provide necessary details about the main characters and places of your story. But do not provide irrelevant information. You can use humor to catch the attraction of your audience. Try to provide a lesson in the conclusion of your essay. This lesson must be relevant to your thesis statement. Try to end the essay with an interesting idea.
Do not forget to proofread your essay. Edit things where you feel necessary. One thing to remember, do not start editing and proofreading soon after the completion of your essay. Take a break and start working later with a fresh mind.




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